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Vintage Inspired Headpieces

Welcome to the collection of Vintage Inspired Headpieces.

The collection is split into five sections.

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Vintage Hollywood   Vintage World   Vintage Floral   Vintage Gold   Vintage Lace

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Vintage Hollywood
Vintage Lace

Recreate the glamour of the silver screen with these beautiful bridal headpieces. Each one is inspired by the screen goddesses of the golden era. This is the largest collection providing plenty of choice and variety of vintage inspired headbands.

*NEW* - Using genuine pieces of lace embellished with pearls beads and crystals these unusual vintage inspired creations give an alternative for the bride looking for something a little bit different. These vintage inspired headpieces capture the essence of vintage glamour and elegance.

* More pictures coming soon *

The Hepburn is a gorgeous cluster of Swarovski crystals, cream-rose Swarovski pearls and added sparkle.  The vintage marcasite look ensures that this favourite statement piece will provide an abundance of elegance to your special day

The Leigh

This 1940’s inspired band can be worn either across the forehead or over the top of the head and is a real statement piece. Elegant scalloped features are adorned with Swarovski crystals in classic vintage Hollywood style.  The bride who chooses this piece will have exquisite taste.

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The Hepburn
The Gardner

This headpiece may be worn at the back of the head but is in no way hiding from view.  Its beauty means that it can be worn on its own or with a veil.  Swarovski pearls and crystals combine to create a beautiful vintage Hollywood star.

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The Monroe

The Monroe is full of glamour and is guaranteed to make you shine on your big day. This statement piece is worn on the side of the head and is created with Swarovski crystals mixed in for added star quality

The Chatterton

This 1920’s inspired forehead band brings the ‘Charleston era back to life with a modern day twist’. It is sure to add a vintage feel to any brides overall look. The mix of Swarovski cream pearls, and sparkly Swarovski crystal drops add to the period feel of this beautiful piece.

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The Harlow

This gorgeous comb is sure to add sparkle and glamour to your hair on your big day.  The simple but sophisticated design embodies the effortless glamour of times gone by.

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The Taylor

Lasting glamour guaranteed with this beautiful Swarovski pearl and crystal band worn on the side of the head.  

The Bergman

Swarovski pearls & Swarovski crystals drape from two elegant hair combs, which are worn at the back of the head.

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The Brooks

The Brooks is an elegant twist on the birdcage veil, sitting on the side of the head.  The clusters of Swarovski crystals & delicate mix of silver lined seed beads & Swarovski crystal beads are sure to add romance to your big day.

The Crawford

Similar to ‘The Leigh’ this combed design enables it to be worn in various positions.  Beauty abounds this delicate piece. Scalloped crystals and Swarovski crystals will compliment your bridal hair choice.

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The Hayworth

This sparkly crystal piece, with its four leaves is destined to bring you much luck.

The Loren

The Loren is small, understated and elegant. The simplicity of this comb provides just enough sparkle for a vintage touch on your wedding day.

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The Dietrich

This vintage inspired band can be worn in many ways, dependant on your desired effect.  The Dietrich is a pretty band of Swarovski crystals & Swarovski pearls, enhanced with an art deco feature piece.

The Russell

This gorgeous art deco inspired comb includes Swarovski crystals and creates a divine  piece of timeless bridal jewellery.

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Romance guaranteed for the blushing bride when she wears this stunning forehead band on her wedding day. Made from Swarovski pearls & Swarovski crystal.  This is a charming piece to be enjoyed.

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The Avignon hair vine is a delicate arrangement of cream Swarovski pearls.  It is ideally made to fit the back of the head.  A beautiful bridal accessory lovingly made for the radiant bride.

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Vintage World

Sophisticated& stunning are you yours for the taking with this forehead band.  Swarovski crystals and pewter Swarovski pearls are arranged for the upmost effect.

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The Gaya forehead band is a dreamy piece of Asian inspired heaven. It includes Swarovski crystals and rows of dainty ivory Swarovski pearls that will compliment your special gown.

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An Indonesian styled forehead piece using Swarovski crystals and Swarovski pearls as its main elements.  Be inspired by the design of this exquisitely crafted band.

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This delicate row of Swarovski pearls and Swarovski crystal droplets create a simple  but charming forehead band.

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This intricate Daisy headdress is a more traditional piece.  It sits across the top of the head and is made from Swarovski crystals and Swarovski pearls. There is no compromise on style, your guests will be bewitched by its beauty.


The blushing bride is sure to blossom in this floral cluster statement, which includes Swarovski crystals.  This piece sits on the side of the head.


The understated elegance of the Rose head dress will add subtle sparkle to any gown. The band is adorned with Swarovski crystals and has a feature resembling a pretty  rose bud.  This side fitting band is certain to make you the centre of attention.


Iris is never one to be shy.  The classic mixture of crystals, Swarovski crystals & gold tone crystals will ensure that you sparkle all day.

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Vintage Floral

This collection takes its inspiration from the diversity of the world with vintage inspired headpieces taking their names from iconic places around the globe. Plenty more beautiful headbands and headpieces to help make you the centre of attention and your wedding perfect.

The smallest collection yet packed with quality and sparkle to add that luxurious touch to your wedding. These vintage inspired bridal headpieces are inspired by nature to enhance any brides beauty.

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£185 .00


A beautiful take on the very popular ‘Gardner’ using limited edition golden tone combs. There are only a small number of these available. (limited edition)


A beautiful golden vintage style comb. (limited edition)


A gorgeous dainty golden lace and Swarovski crystal comb. This would be the perfect addition for any brides hair style.

Vintage Gold

A limited edition collection of special pieces in a gold finish.

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A beautiful delicate ivory lace headband with metallic stitching and seed beads.

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A beaded headband with appliqued ivory cotton lace to be worn as a side feature.

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An ivory cotton lace headband with intricate silver seed beads.

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A beautiful comb mounted headpiece made from cotton laces and metallic embroided tulle with pearlescent seed beads.

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Another beautiful comb mounted headpiece made from layered ivory cotton lace delicate hanging laves & flowers. Finished with silver seed beads.

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A dainty applique piece with delicate embroidery mounted on a comb.

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An applique ivory piece finished with dainty pearls and seed beads.

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